Monthly Archives: August 2008

Writing "Master Notes"

I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a great experience as writing this manuscript.
“Master Notes” was conceived while I was in a class and bored out of my mind.  I jotted down some ideas: what if instead of the teacher I had right now was someone mysterious and artistic yet interested in sharing his life with me?  And so, the dark haired, brooding artistic teacher was born.

That was in the ’90s.  To say it’s taken me a long time to get *here* is an understatement.

But, here I am.  Writing and running a business with talented, hard-working people.  Now I am free to sit down over lunch and write away on my Mac laptop.  Love Mac.

Welcome to my website.  Hope to be published in the next few years.  

Cheers to romance writers!


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