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Monsters vs Witches: Lana and Gareth


Gareth turned in his seat as Lana came into the room.  He couldn’t get her scent out of his nose and she wore Kat Von D’s Sinner which was intoxicating with her body chemistry.  He could tell with his senses that she had just ran down the hallway as her breathing was erratic and her hair was a little out of place.  He let his gaze wander down her young body and he felt the wolf inside stir out of desire.  They’d had time to recover from their trial battle for school and now they had to listen to what the Head of the School was going to tell them.  Hopefully, they weren’t kicked out.  A werewolf kicked out could always return to his family’s pack and have a life.  A witch on the other hand would return in shame and disgrace as schooling was one step closer to their career whatever their focus was.  A witch kicked out of school was usually considered by families to only have a breeding focus and pump out children.  Gareth again let his gaze caress her body that had an hour before laid next to his, immobile not in fear but with the power of her working.  She was a true powerhouse and her potential was untapped.  However, her view of her own self-importance and subsequent ego left much to be desired.  If only she wouldn’t be such a snob he thought as she opened her mouth saying “I’m not sure why we are here!  I clearly won the battle” and she tossed her hair.