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Review of “Bought: The Penniless Lady” by Deborah Hale

At the last RWA chapter meeting I won the book “Bought: The Penniless Lady” by Deborah Hale.  ISBN – 13:978-0-373-29633-0

Find out more about this Canadian author at

I was thrilled!  Not only to win the book but to be able to offer a review on an author I enjoy on the page but to also do a review on someone I’ve met.

Hadrian Northmore is my kind of man.  He’s determined, bold and a completely unique character.  If you’re expecting a gentleman who only exists on intrigues and playing chess then don’t open this book.  Hadrian is a self-made man with a hero’s quest to make a better world for children and to win Lady Artemis Dearing’s heart.

Lady Artemis Dearing doesn’t know her own beauty and her first encounter with Hadrian is breathtaking simple.  They have an argument.  They storm away from each other.  This encounter makes Lady Artemis come up with a deadly plan to intertwine their futures together in a way I was not expecting.  Each chapter encourages me to turn the page to see what else these two characters are like.  They’re not your romantic stereotypes and the way they’re developed left me wishing for more when I had finished the book!

Their romance is full of chivalry and when they’re in a room together the tension pops off the page.

Can they find each other over their plan for a child’s future?  Pick up the book to find out!

“Bought: The Penniless Lady” by Deborah Hale is available at for $6.99

Great read! Find it at

Vision Board – have you made yours? Break out the glue, scissors and magazines

Recently, after a conversation with a friend about having a visual aid to focus on I realized that I needed to do the same.

I need to have a visual every 3 months that I can get to.  As a reference.

At the Fifth Avenue Collection Mini-Seminar in January 2011 we worked on our goal setting board.  Yes, we cut up magazines and put images to what we wanted to do with our business.

Vision Board from Fifth Avenue Collection

At the Highland Coaching Creative Business Retreat for the Solopreneur I did the same thing but about my Charlie Mac Productions Inc. business.

Vision Board from Highland Coaching Retreat

And, now I have one for me.  A personal visual board – that is the upcoming trip to Jamaica.  Bconnected (a local networking group) offered a great deal with Limetime Travel to go to Jamaica and I paid for it last year.  I’ve never been to the Caribbean or anywhere in that area before.

A good friend of mine had her wedding in St. Lucia in the ’90s but I couldn’t afford to go.  I need this vacation like a fish needs water.  To sit on the beach and do nothing seems fantastic.

My wishing well is now fulfilled.  I can scratch off two points off of my bucket list – I’m visiting the Caribbean and I’m taking a real vacation.

What are you doing on your bucket list? Maybe you should make a vision board…

Watching “The Holiday” on Valentine’s Day

When Iris Simpkins posts her home on a vacation swapping home exchange I was inspired.  Her journey into love has me captured the whole movie.

Oh, sure – Cameron Diaz’s smile as Amanda Woods is infectious and her seduction of Iris’s brother Graham is brilliant.

Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins makes me believe in love.  She seems to be the most attractive of the two despite her whimpering over a huge jerk who has no problem using her.  I get that.  I’ve done that.  But her jump across the world shows such courage and determination that I can’t but fall in love with her struggle to accept Miles (Jack Black) into her life.  She flirts.  She laughs.  She enjoys herself.  And, he respects her and is gentle but also determined showing that he needs respect out of love as well.

Oh, Valentine’s Day.  What chick flick will I watch?  The Holiday is on the list as is chocolate, working out on the treadmill and Muir Murray white wine.  When I’m ready for love I will find it.

Valentine's Day Movie

Blog ready…

Just had a great workshop today by Julia Smith on how to blog, what to blog and how to find your blog community.

We are both members of RWA Atlantic Chapter.  I know both myself and my guest enjoyed the workshop.

Thursday night 6-9pm we have an event at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery on Barrington Street in Halifax, N.S. where authors and business professionals will meet to mingle with each other.  Fruit art by Fruitful Expressions will be there as well as catering by George & Lito’s Catering.  My company Charlie Mac Productions Inc. is working with Rich Graphics on this event and we’re hoping that the great community that is Halifax/Dartmouth/Bedford/Lower Sackville join in and say hi to each other.

RWA Atlantic Chapter really is the group where I can just relax and let my mind think of creative ideas for my writing.  The retreat I went to back in October was intense (I had to leave early) but unbelievably productive.  I got my character out of a deep pit and started the re-jig of my author website plus blog.  I never thought I would find such comradeship.

Also, yesterday I finished a 1.5 day Creative Business Retreat for the female solopreneur and I’m looking forward to working Jac McNeil into our lives more.

Are you in?  Because I know I am.  I know where I am.

RWA and Bconnected meet Thursday Feb 10th at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery