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New York Times Bestselling Author Yasmine Galenorn

Whew!  Loved, loved, loved this tale of elaborate enemies and an unknown warrior.

What an amazing read.  I’ve been stuck for the past three days in the grips of a powerful migraine which released today around 2pm.

Determined to keep the day off from work and school I picked up the book “Night Myst” written by Yasmine Galenorn.  I just finished it at 8:30pm tonight and did not put it down for hours!  Which reminds me that I need something to eat after this blog post.

Who is Cicely?  Well, we think we know as we’re introduced to her as the heroine of the story.  However, the adventure begins as soon as she returns to a small town after a loss in the family and she ends up battling three different forces to try to save her family members.  She has some help with a cousin and friends but only makes a small win against these three immortal forces.  The real win is when she realizes who she is and wins some freedom for her family.

Set in the forest the scenes are ethereal yet show a forest corrupted by the new evil Cicely must fight that feeds on its inhabitants.  Spiderwebs of poison penetrate the forest and watch the town.  Also, the townspeople who go missing every day.  No one is safe.  The police aren’t even interested in figuring out why the people they are sworn to protect are disappearing.  There is no help.  And then… there’s Cicely, her cousin and their friends.  A few heroes against three dark and manipulative forces who describe their wars as a “chess game” not caring who dies or who gets hurt along the way.  Information is key in the balancing act Cicely must play as she learns more about her enemies and herself as the story continues.

Action. Love. Sex. Dark Forces.  What a great read!  Powering up the Kindle now to download the others in the series… hope I get some sleep tonight.

Night Myst is available on for Cdn $9.99 in paperback.

Vampires, The Fae and The Vampiric Fae fight over Cicely


Hands on Social Media Training!

Sunday March 6th 2011 Rich Black from Rich Graphics presented to the RWAC members on Social Media.

All in all it was a great time.  I’m not a seasoned social media guru by any means but I learned a lot that I didn’t know about the new social media vehicles out there.

He mentioned a few gurus to check out and I confess I have the Mashable app on my iPhone and religiously check it every morning for the news more than my local tv station.

I do love HootSuite and also have this app on my iPhone!

What I loved about this presentation is Rich adapted his knowledge specifically for authors on how to use these social media vehicles to promote themselves while addressing issues such as transparency and content.

Richard Black is offering a Hands On Social Media Training on March 16th at the Keshan Goodman library in Clayton Park, Halifax, N.S. Canada for all who need to physically see what it means to have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flicr, WordPress, Blogger all going at the same time and more! LOL.  I’m going to have to miss out but I’m sure it’ll be with a dose of humour as at his presentation he shared funny stories on misspelled Tweets like “going to the hickey game” instead of “going to the hockey game.”

Social Media Training click on these words for

Rich also runs DartNet (first Tuesday of every month 9:30am at Rocco’s Restaurant in Dartmouth) and DartNet After Hours (second Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at Sweet Smiles Pastry Cafe in Dartmouth).  Musician  Dan Doiron Guitarist/Singer is pictured below in the middle between Cheryl Pace and Rich Black at DartNet After Hours!