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Life always has other plans so eat cake…make that wedding cake!


I spent a sleepless night getting more and more excited about the 10KM Goodlife Walk that happened this morning.

I was not there.

At 6am this morning I finally left the upstairs part of the house and came down to let the dogs out as I rummaged through my stuff getting my hip pack ready for the walk and looked into Skye’s crate as my little Westie wouldn’t come out.  Then, the smell hit me.  Then, the panic.  There was blood from her stool.

Now, much calmed down and Skye has a prescription from the Metro Emerg Clinic for beasts of all nature and she is napping and I am writing this blog while I hear cheers outside Shubie Park cheering on the Marathon part of Bluenose Marathon.  I am trying very hard not to eat my liver in jealousy of everyone in the run.

So here is my review of one thing that feeds my happiness:  anything wedding related.  That’s right.  I watch Say Yes to the Dress religiously but took this Friday night off to watch the flick “Bridesmaids” at Dartmouth Crossing.  It was sold out.  There were repeat offenders there (people who’ve seen the movie several times).

The timing and delivery of this comedy was golden.  Even the part of the bridal shower handing out golden retriever puppies as take aways to the guests was amazing.  You never saw the punchline coming as it kept knocking you between the eyes.  What a great, great CHICK FLICK.

Today, as all things book review go I just finished “Happy Ever After” by Nora Roberts.  It’s on my Kindle which was useful as I sat in the examination room this morning while Skye pooped as much as she could and I ignored her.  Part of the Bride Quartet from powerhouse romance author Nora Roberts this novel calmed me down and had me nodding my head in agreement to the sage advice given on love by the male and female characters.  Finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with will be a challenge and now is the time to get my act together, get to know more people and enjoy figuring out what I want to do.  I’ve grieved for my Dad long enough and hid behind that since 2006.  That’s right.  I haven’t had a date or been kissed since 2006 and there’s nothing wrong with me as I simply took myself off the radar – did not go out with the remaining friends I filtered through after the funeral and cut out a social life that involved people.  Thank you internet (but not in the porn way – I’m always worried the FBI will bang on my door and seize my Mac laptop).

This book is Five Wedding Cakes out of Five for those of addicted to the happily-ever-after belief and gorgeous fashion, tiered cakes and magical moments that make up a wedding.

Bad Boy Alert - he's not your typical character

Check out this blog for a little less cooing about weddings and more note about her satisfaction with the Quartet series by Nora Roberts.


Review E-book: The Outlaw Bride by Kelly Boyce

“Katherine pulled the ribbon from her hair and wrapped it around the stems of late season daisies, kneeling down to place them upon the hard ground. A sharp October wind whipped at her curls.  She didn’t attempt to restore order.”  Excerpt from The Outlaw Bride by Kelly Boyce.

A fantastic first novel.  Katherine Slade is the character I have longed for to appear.  She’s resourceful, determined and ready to escape her current situation to wind up in Fatal Bluff.  This town hasn’t seen enough drama as their new Sheriff is determined to catch the Slade gang and end their slew of crimes against the innocent which includes the Sherrif’s brother’s death.  These two worlds collide amid a slew of secrets and chance.

With intense detail to the town description of Fatal Bluff and the hard ways of the West we, the reader, can only guess that the people in it are more forgiving than the world they are shaping around themselves.  We see their love for their Sheriff and their acceptance of the newcomer Kate Slade who comes from a desperate background that will be esolved as only Love will have it.  What more, as a reader, can we ask for?  Well, mix in supporting characters and cronies that add to the detail of Fatal Bluff I know where I would go if the train was leaving and I needed to find Love.

Thank you Kelly Boyce for a riveting novel.  The miracles of hope and love made this gloomy Nova Scotian weekend much brighter.

The Outlaw Bride is an e-book published by Carina Press.  Check it out for your Kindle here:

Check it out for your Kobo here:

Passion. Love. Hate. It’s all on set but mostly off re: customer service.

Here’s my gripe:  when I called on Tuesday to find out what had happened to an order that was due that day I went through an experience that made me realize I can’t ever order from Dark Night Armoury ever again.  First, they were surprised I had an order number.  Second, they put me on hold for 40 mins trying to find my order.  Turns out that the order had never been shipped as part of the order had been placed on backorder.  Then, the customer service department realized that no email had been sent out to me to let me know about this.  When I asked if I could get the rest of the order shipped anyways they firmly said “no.”  Apparently, as the shipping had been paid for there was no flexibility.  When I asked if I could cancel that order and then re-order the costumes in stock they also firmly said “no.”  They did say I could have a substitution.  Once that was cleared I asked (as the original order was to be shipped expedited) if the order would make it by Friday.

Two Exceptions later (which can kill any shipment) the delivery happened Friday morning.  The shoot was Saturday morning.

What did I learn?  Not everyone is L.L. Bean with their awesome customer service and just because you’ve paid for something doesn’t mean you’ll get it.

*phew* Load off my chest.  Also, as a Producer it’s my job to mentally meltdown inside so that the Director doesn’t panic.  That’s how I see it.  That’s how I work.  I also work with new and up-and-coming Directors to give them a break at their first directing set that other companies might not invest the time and money into them.  I see Talent and if I can work with you we are on for a 3 week love affair that better end well.  Respect me and I respect you. :)

Special thanks to the Talent:  Brad Smith, Bernie Matthew, Stevie Cooper and Scott Baker.  Kudos to Luke Hudgins and Caroline Ruyle for amazing work.  The hidden costuming gem at the Smith household was a great find!

Thanks to PS Atlantic for timely service and ultimately Steve Richard & Todd Murchie for teaching us lighting.

Today, at my RWAC meeting I won two books:  The Color of Heaven by Julianne MacLean and Indefensible by Pamela Callow.

Guess what? Harlequin is coming to Halifax in September as part of the RWAC Executive working on our workshops.  I’m hopefully going to be able to pitch.  We’ve also had some brave new faces at RWAC and I suspect some of the credit is due to publicity handled by Frances Leary from Wired Flare months ago (website coming soon – try facebook search for more info).

Also, this past week The Wild Rose Press (where I’m a preliminary reader) celebrated its 5 year anniversary!  Congrats to the Garden!  They also publish short stories so if you’re into writing you should check out their submissions page.