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@Apieceofmymind author Julia Phillips Smith and RWAC in New York

Producing video has been always something I enjoyed due to the people I get to work with.

Working on this book trailer that can be seen at Author Julia Phillips Smith website was a lot of fun.  It was work, don’t get me wrong, and we shot weeks ago but thanks to everyone who worked on it, cast and crew plus our editor we have a finished video.

Julia is also on Twitter @apieceofmymind and Facebook.  Her manuscript about vampires is one of the most compelling stories I’ve recently read in part due to the fact that these vampires don’t want to be your family pet and they don’t glitter in the sun.  We have blood (as we’re human) and they want our blood.

The story that erupts between Peredur (the main hero) and Tanwen (his love interest) is honest and tragic.

So, knowing that Julia Smith is heading to New York City this week for the Romance Writers of America Conference I wish her well.  I don’t know, much like when I first started to read her manuscript, how it’ll turn out but I know one thing – I liked her book and as a paranormal/fantasy reader I know I want to see it on a bookshelf or on an e-reader that I have paid for.

Sure there’s a lot of authors out there doing the e-pub thing.  I’m going to be one of them at the end of this year.  However, I know that this story written by Julia will be an interest for TOR and HQN publishers as I read their lines all the time and she fits into their genres.  What happens next is all up to the author and whatever way she decides to publish.

Good Luck, Julia and the other 12 authors going down from our writing chapter!


The Lycans: how I adore thee…

I don’t care how cheesy you think “Teen Wolf” the tv series is I am boldly stating that I love this storyline.  It could be also because the hero werewolf and his mentor are definitely not hard to look at (despite being teenagers).

What a great looking tv casting job!  I’ve been researching the reviews online and a lot of them compare this tv series to a “Twilight” feel. Similar? Possibly with the drama that takes place each episode but this is tv soooo…  What I love however is the Art Department’s use of how they wanted their Lycans to appear.  Some makeup, FX and glowing eyes plus claws show how the main character accesses his inner werewolf.  Then, there’s the mysterious and possibly evil full blown werewolf that seems intent on eating everyone he encounters.  Definitely a darker side to this storyline than the original “Teen Wolf” in the 1980s – the basketball themed one.  Interestingly enough this storyline concentrates on Lacrosse.


Let’s focus in on my new crush:  Tyler Hoechlin

From the Much Music Website:

Tyler Hoechlin was born in Corona, California and began acting at the age of nine. His breakout performance came early on, starring alongside Tom Hanks in the critically acclaimed Road to Perdition as ‘Michael Sullivan Jr.’ Soon after, Hoechlin landed the role of ‘Martin Brewster’ on the WB’s 7th Heaven. He recurred on the series from 2003 to 2007, and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2004 for Breakout Male Star. Hoechlin went on to star in the TV movie Grizzly Rage, and appeared in television series such as C.S.I. Miami, My Boys, Castle and Lincoln Heights. He is excited to be playing “Derek Hale” in the new MTV series Teen Wolf premiering in the U.S. in June 2011.

Hoechlin has several films in production. He recently finished shooting the Farrelly brothers’ Hall Pass alongside Christina Applegate, Owen Wilson, Alyssa Milano and Jenna Fischer; as well as the independent drama Open Gate.

A lifelong baseball player, Hoechlin played for the U.S. baseball team at the Pan-American games the same year he started acting. He went on to play infield for Arizona State University and University of California at Irvine after high school; as well as the Battle Creek Bombers out of Battle Creek, Michigan, and The Maxim Yankees in Santa Clara, California. He has two brothers (Tanner and Travis) and one sister (Carrie).

I’m using my new career with Fifth Avenue Collection to catch up on my True Blood.  I’m looking forward to seeing what those Lycans look like.  I did like Underworld’s Lycans and Twilight’s Lycans aren’t bad… Teen Wolf’s Lycans feel a little more personal similar to Vampire Diaries “feel.”  Got any favourite Lycans you’d like to share? Leave me a comment…

Why I chose Fifth Avenue Collection and how 17 Again (the film) played into it…

I’ve had a rough couple of months since February of this year dealing with an issue with my Charlie Mac Productions Inc.’s BN issue and Canada Revenue Agency.

While it looks like everything is going to be worked out I have already moved on.  Thank you Fifth Avenue Collection!

I moved on to being treated well, to having my bills paid, to meeting new people every week where I’m welcomed into their homes and showing them how our hostess rewards system honours not just the hostess of the jewellery show but her guests as well!  Did I mention fun?  Book a show with me and receive a fun rewarding time – nothing could be better except possibly Mix’s Lobster Bacon Mac & Cheese perhaps (they’re on Salter Street in Halifax, N.S.).

If you’re interested in a fun and rewarding career please get in touch.  After this past conference in Toronto I heard all types of stories from women around the world sharing their experiences.

Check out my Vintage Leader’s web page at Wanda Leclair’s a great person and I have so much support from her and our Sales Leader Gwen Greenstock.

So.  The film “17 Again” brought home the journey.  Y’know.  The one Miley Cyrus sings about in her song “The Climb.”

Those choice lyrics are:  The struggles I’m facing/The chances I’m taking/Sometimes might knock me down/But no, I’m not breaking

Similarly, Selena Gomez’s song “Who Says” states: You’ve got every right/To a beautiful life

What is my life?  What do I want out of it?  I’ve thought of nothing but Charlie Mac for the past 4 years that it took a trip to Jamaica with the Bconnected network to realize I wanted more.  A personal decision yes but also a professional one as it lead me to question if I should be putting all this energy into fighting tooth and nail for everything I want with the company.  A mistake was made and it’ll be another 6 months before it all works out for Charlie Mac.  Do I really want to have to do this every year?

While I’m still sorting out my decision on that an opportunity I couldn’t ignore hit me like those stupid V8 commercial slaps in the face.

I started selling Fifth Avenue Collection in October 2010 and signed up for their conference called “Wild About You” Seminar that happened over a week ago.

It changed my outlook on my life.  Here’s some pics of the fun we had!























The days were packed with training, food, beverages and a friendliness I didn’t even know existed.  I was treated as though I mattered and given advice I am using today.  It’s been a long time since I felt that valued and welcomed at any job I’ve ever had.  The sincerity of the other jewellers both new and old was a delight.  I am low on the sales line but now determined to fulfill new goals.  Why don’t you ask how you can join me or host a show?







Table 16 had the best party going on!






Packed crowd at the Sheraton Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario.












Our supper menu and masques!











Wanda and Gwen had a great time and a good laugh at my reaction to having to go up on stage!









Awards are fun when shared together!













I hope that one day your journey will lead you towards such a great company as it did for myself and thousands of jewellers around the world.