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Rained Out at Lake Banook, Manulife Dragon Boat Race 2011

I just had the best time of my life!

It started Thursday night with advance prep of what jewelery I was going to take to the event I signed up weeks ago.  I did a search for festivals around Nova Scotia and queried like crazy sending out emails and leaving voicemails at every one I logistically could get to on a budget.

This is my first one:  The Manulife Dragon Boat Festival July 9 2011 location: Lake Banook, Dartmouth, N.S.

What a great time!  The people were hard core into their racing and got over the “is this a joke?” re: my recruiting sign for jewelery to “oh god this is really nice jewelery and I can get it for free if I host a party??!”

I also had a great prize which I’m going to draw for in about 30mins after I dry out a bit more.  The prize was a Fifth Avenue Collection coffee mug, a $25.00 hostess gift certificate to be used for any jewelery she doesn’t get for free or for a later date or web order, one book by author Julianne Maclean, author Jennie Marsland and author Daisy Piper (all Nova Scotian authors).










Left side under Macfarlands’ tent










Right side of my jewelry table safely under the Macfarlands rental tent (an industrial type tent – no walls).










My recruiting sign that brought a few people over to check the brand out.











The view from my tent part one










The view from my tent part two








Me, soaked.

My shirt is a maroon colour and it was black from the 1.5km walk I did with luggage and table when we were told we could leave.  One of the drawbacks of doing an event by yourself is that you physically assemble everything on your own.  Also, the parking for the venue was off site meaning I had to park in a zone that wasn’t a NO Saturday Parking Zone so I didn’t get ticketed.  Besides having the fire marshall walk through the entire venue along with paramedics there were traffic police.  Not a good time to argue with them, therefore, the 1.5km walk to get a good parking spot.  I arrived at 6:15am and took my time to set up as I had until 8am.  There were vendors who came all at once at 7:45 am and missed some of the early dragon boaters who checked out my product at their lesiure before the races started.

What a great time!  Click the sentence below for a video of the rainfall we had just as the races were heating up!

The driving rain that made us all pack up and leave…