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Singles Travel International NYE Cruise on the Liberty of the Seas

Probably sounds like I’m going to rave about this Royal Caribbean Cruise, right?


Well I will. Trust me.


But what’s more important is to tell you that it was such a great group of people in the 100 that came for the NYE cruise along with two great Directors Mary D. and Michael that it made all the little things about traveling more bearable.  And by little things I mean: the wait for the flight, the packing for all the events I went to, the wait at the Florida Hollywood Airport for the Crowne Plaza shuttle (1 hour and a half), the call from my bank asking if it was me using my cards despite letting them know ahead of time where exactly I was going, the rush to get on the bus the next day from the hotel to the cruise, tipping the porters at the cruise port and thanking myself for arranging to get the luggage tags ahead of time, the hour and a half wait to check out my room (my first cruise) and of course, getting over myself to introduce myself to people, ignoring the complainers on the excursions and allowing myself to have a good time.

With humour and grace Mary D. and Michael handled us all expertly and without too much judgement.  😉

The question is not what will you do on a cruise but what WON’T you have time for.  The free room service? The free pizza and coffee?  The fitness club (as we left Labladee “island” owned by Royal Caribbean I was tilting from side to side on the treadmill).  The rock wall?  The ice rink? The shows? The suppers?  The Flow rider?  Plus, time by the pool, excursions and then all the social things organized by STI.

I still found time to read Judith James’ “Libertine’s Kiss” by the pool.  Watch out for those fruity drinks though as they are killer in the sunshine and may have you drunkenly napping at 3pm and missing the Pirate Party you specifically brought a costumer for.  LOL.

Here’s a few pics to enjoy of the ship.