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Far away and other stories…

Today, my Mom goes through eye surgery to stop her from losing her eyesight.  Her retina is trying to detach.

While I know that my relationship with her can be a challenge I am completely aware that if she had asked for me to be there I would.  She’s well taken care of living in the same neighbourhood as her sisters and has lots of help coming her way.

So, I’ve sent flowers for a few days afterwards while I wait for the surgery to be over today so that I can call to see how she’s done.

In retrospect, my business trip to Montreal last week marked by the evening student protests, a few explosions and a lot of sirens seems trivial.  You only get one set of eyes.

I’m sure though as we see our parents age there will be more instances where her ability to be so independent is compromised.

Her mother, however, my grandmother was living with my Aunt Pat until she was 104 and was fiercely independent.

Guess it’s in the genes.

Book Trailers that I enjoy!

Producing Book Trailers with Director/Writer Julia Phillips Smith has turned into a joy sometimes forgotten when on a corporate set.  Julia is not only a great director but a friend and watching her publish her books throughout adversity is a great lesson to learn.  With the support of her family in the wee hours of the morning we create a great set together that could not be done otherwise.  So, to all of Julia’s supporters I say thank you from my heart.  Also, Caroline Ruyle adapted her training with Steve Richard to make the shots work which shows not only training received but talent at work.  Bobby Rossong gave us what we needed quickly and without complaint – also a talented actor.

Special thank you to Best Shorts Competition for their Award of Merit on Saint Sanguinus 1.

Today on my blog, I am reviewing book trailers.  I hope you watch them play through and enjoy the ones I’ve picked.  If you search You Tube with a book title you may find what you need to download on an ereader or go to your bookstore and pick up the book.  Book trailers are a great add to an author’s Amazon Page or You Tube Channel to gain reach with an audience.

Check out along with You Tube.

Author Maggie Toussaint.  Http://
No Second Chance Book Trailer is found at:
This trailer has a great overlay with the horses and is simple yet to the point.  All the info on who she is can be found at the end with the publisher info as well.  Right away the text gives us the info without revealing images of what the characters might look like.

Author Mary Jo Putney.  Http://
This historical author shows us intrigue in just a few actor moves.  I love the ending!
Nowhere near respectable is found at:

Author Julianne Maclean.  Http://
For the videos:
The In My Wildest Fantasies book trailer is my favourite.  Passion right off the start.  Candlelight, roses… and then…  comedy!  This trailer may be from 2007 but I still hold it close to my heart.

Author Babette James.  Http://
Clear As Day is found at:
I love summer love stories (reminding me of my own experiences with a pang)!  This book trailer is bright and cheerful in all the right places and then gives us hints of character development towards the end.  Here, images of people, heighten the emotion without giving us an actor to hang onto when we want to read the book.

Author Julia Phillips Smith.  Http://
Saint Sanguinus has two trailers found on You Tube at:
I’m partial to these trailers having produced them but I can safely say this was a great time making them.  The production value was high on these two but completely worth it for the author.  How else can you re-create Wales of long ago when you live in Canada?