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Three writers: Julia Phillips Smith, Shawna Romkey and Taryn Blackthorne

This photo is the early morning view at the White Point Cottage for RWAC Annual Retreat




As part of my RWAC membership I have the opportunity to brush elbows with other authors.  I am choosing these three writers to focus on today because they have given me encouragement, hope and laughter over the past few years.


1.  Julia Phillips Smith


Her latest novel, Bound by Dragonsfyre, contains nobility, intrigue and action.  Without a doubt one of the most polished works I’ve had the opportunity to read from this author.  Making the book trailer for her with photographer Caroline Ruyle was a great accomplishment and with model/actor Bobby Rossong’s help Julia was able to pull together what she wanted. *Note to self – unsharpened swords are still sharp.  Thanks to Darksword Armory we had an authentic Norman Sword to use.  And I now have manacles in my small studio to use.  For what, you ask?  That’s top secret.

You can find Julia at @apieceofmymind on Twitter  and on Pinterest at


2.  Shawna Romkey


Shawna has evolved from being a writer hoping to be published (le sigh) to someone with an awesome book coming out with Crescent Moon Press this Fall.  Working with her at Charlie Mac Media has been rewarding and helped put the fun back into my job.  We worked with author Jennie Marsland to bring sales for her book and helped this published author get into bookstores and independent stores with her self published title “Shattered.”  Not to mention media interviews, blog tours and a piece in the regional paper on her book plus a signing at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  When Shawna wants something she goes after it.  I usually curl up under the covers first and then come out with a strategy.

Shawna also runs Trindiebooks – a Kobo site for authors and I believe she still has a few free spots available for authors.

Find Shawna at @sromkey and @trindiebooks on Twitter.  Pinterest?


3.  Taryn Blackthrone


Taryn came to me looking for a critique partner.  I tend to get gushy when I love something I read and this is what happened with her last WIP.  I haven’t heard from her since.   LOL.  Her story “Even for Me” published by Samhain Publishing was a fantastic read that had me guessing on the mystery it gave the reader.  Which is hard to do with me.  Usually I have it figured out.  I’m looking forward to her new work when it comes out and I want to thank her for the book “The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction.”  She’s a great writer and fantastic addition to our RWAC group.  Love her boards on Pinterest.

Find Taryn on Twitter at @tarynblackthorn  and  Pinterest at








For a little bit more on Robert Lantos’ background:


I also quoted Robert Lantos as stating “if you want to do a Canadian Film in Canada right now you must be crazy” (based on his previous discussion about Canadian broadcasters not showing Canadian films in primetime in contrast to other countries).


So, I’m done.


I now turn my attention to the income I received and needed when there is no consistent work in the film industry – Fifth Avenue Collection.


I am your Fifth Avenue Collection Independent Jeweller and I am now full time.  This career allows me to continue my novel writing and provides me with the safety and security of owning my own business with a consistent paycheque.  Here are some pics from some of the experts at Fifth Avenue Collection that share their experiences and provide knowledge to the jewellers every year.


Gwen Greenstock after her presentation on Retirees

Joanne during her presentation on "Shut up and Drive"

Dale and Betty discuss how they got into jewellery

This purse is to a hostess if she exceeds a certain show amount ends August 2012


Guest Julia Phillips Smith: Dragonsfyre Trilogy

Author Julia Phillips Smith has released her second book. The first in the Dragonsfyre Trilogy called: Bound by Dragonsfyre.  Check out her website at


The book can be found on Amazon



Julia says:

The fun of being an indie author doesn’t stop at writing books that are all books of the heart. An enormous source of fun for me is working on the book covers.

For book one of my new dark fantasy Dragonsfyre series, my producer and I hired a local model to portray my main character Scorpius for both the book cover and book trailer.

I set to work procuring clothing from thrift stores which my mom reworked into the costumes I designed. As always happens, the preparation for the shooting day took weeks, while the shoot itself took only hours. Yet everything fell into place.

It’s such an incredible thrill to have the physical embodiment of a character who has lived only in my mind’s eye suddenly appear in 3D before me. I look forward to that moment for all my future indie releases with breathless anticipation.



Here’s the hook:

No one is safe when the dragon glides low over the Eighth Dominion. Not the high born who plot and spill blood. Not the low born who serve with one eye to the sky and the other glancing back.

Young Scorpius is fetched from the estate nursery, once raised to live among the nobility – claimed finally not by his family, but by a falconer to serve as his apprentice.

Scorpius soon learns that a noble hides his monstrous appetites beneath velvet and jewels, while the leathery-winged dragon is honest about his own. His master does his best to shield Scorpius from the world outside their cottage, but the falconer is merely a servant who must obey his own masters.

An attempt on the life of a young lord while on a hunt sends the falconer’s apprentice on an abruptly different path, bringing Scorpius into the service of the House of Pruzhnino. Court intrigue sinks its talons into everyone, even Scorpius–especially a former falconer’s apprentice once raised to be a lord in his own right.


Here’s the book trailer:


Here’s the book cover: