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Jerowrimo prep

In order to prep for any writing challenge it’s necessary to decide what kind of animal you are with writing.

Do you have an outline or are going to put one down on paper/bulletin board?  This could mean you’re a plotter.  You like to know how characters will develop throughout the chapters ahead of time or maybe you have an idea of the order of scenes you want to develop your character arc in…

If you don’t do any of that you may be a panster.  You just write.  Your characters are in your head knocking on your ears to get out.  Great.

Either method works and I sometimes use a combination of the two.  I did so much traveling last year that I would get dream like story ideas as I dozed away on the plane and immediately grab my iphone to write up a sentence or two of what I remembered.  These little gems are filed away in my “to do” file on my laptop and are festering in the back of my head for any writing challenge I undertake.

So.  I already have enough coffee lined up for the month of Feb.  I know when and where I need to visit family and friends.  I’m twitching to use the Twitter hashtag #1K1HR at will multiple times a day.

I also know exactly what I’m doing with Charlie Mac and my Beachbody business so I don’t feel like I can’t write each day.  I have a schedule all planned.

Time to get in the writing kitchen and put words on a blank page that I will call my own.

Monday morning – Revision Goal met for last week



I don’t always need goals but I’m part of RWAC and we have a Yahoo Goals Loop that we post our goals to.  The posting makes us accountable for our actions.


I haven’t posted there in a while due to the personal losses I experienced last year along with the realization that I wanted to make writing and Beachbody my career choices.  So, as I move into that I made goals as part of Chalene’s Challenge Group and follow her 30 Day Challenge every day.


Last week’s goal with our Yahoo Goals Loop was to start revisions on my Nanowrimo project.  And I did that.  Which makes me feel great as I post this week’s goals to that loop today.

Nothing like ticking off a To Do List! Do you have one?


New Year and new ms – getting ready for Jerowrimo13

Last year I completed Jerowrimo12 which was a writing challenge led by the New Jersey Romance Writers of America chapter to write a book in Februray.


I completed it.  And this year I’m doing the same thing.


I know.  I just finished Nanowrimo and I’m already going through rough review this week on what I did.

I find that the challenge in February kept me writing which is what I need to do.  Along with online courses from Mystical Press.

So, no matter the outcome I am determined to make that book happen and I’ve done a rough plot of how I’d like it to go.


Today, I’m revising Chapters 1-3 of the Nanowrimo book along with working on suggestions from the CTRWA mentor I was assigned for my New Adult paranormal.

Oh, did you hear that?

That’s my coffee pot going.  :-)