New Year and new ms – getting ready for Jerowrimo13

Last year I completed Jerowrimo12 which was a writing challenge led by the New Jersey Romance Writers of America chapter to write a book in Februray.


I completed it.  And this year I’m doing the same thing.


I know.  I just finished Nanowrimo and I’m already going through rough review this week on what I did.

I find that the challenge in February kept me writing which is what I need to do.  Along with online courses from Mystical Press.

So, no matter the outcome I am determined to make that book happen and I’ve done a rough plot of how I’d like it to go.


Today, I’m revising Chapters 1-3 of the Nanowrimo book along with working on suggestions from the CTRWA mentor I was assigned for my New Adult paranormal.

Oh, did you hear that?

That’s my coffee pot going.  :-)


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